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CubeMars - An Independent Sister Brand of T-motor, Sparks Market Discussion

Randy / 2023-08-04 17:39:57

CubeMars and T-motor

Both domestic and international enthusiasts have been mistaken about the relationship between CubeMars and T-motor. Some even assume that CubeMars is a subsidiary of T-motor or believe they are not part of the same company at all! However, the reality is different. CubeMars coexists parallel to T-motor as its sister brand, with each playing a crucial role in the drone and robotics domains.

CubeMars Team

Now, you may wonder why CubeMars needed to establish itself as a separate brand. This is because CubeMars has a distinct product positioning compared to T-motor. CubeMars primarily focuses on developing high-torque direct-drive and geared motors, joint motors, and servo systems, providing power support to the robotics and automation industries. This dedicated focus led to the birth of CubeMars as an independent brand.

CubeMars motor

CubeMars motor

The meaning behind the name "CubeMars" offers an intriguing interpretation, refreshing to the ears. "Cube" symbolizes the spark of fire, representing endless power and innovation. "Mars" is derived from the initials of "Motivate Advanced Robotic System," reflecting the brand's ambition and passion for the future of technological development.

CubeMars Brand

As a brand dedicated to robotic power systems, CubeMars robot motor will further drive the advancement of robotics and automation technology, bringing forth more innovation and opportunities across various industries.

CubeMars factory

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