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R Series

The wire sequence of hall sensor is user-defined and most controller can automatically recognize the phase sequence.

RED                                      Power Line 3.3V-5V

BLACK                                  Ground Line(GND)

YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE        Hall One-three



Q: What type of hall sensor is used for R or RI series?

A: Switch hall sensor, digital signal, current model is MH193.


Q: Do you have any other type of hall alternatively?

A: Analog hall sensor, analog signal.


Q: What are the wiring connection methods?

A: WYE, Delta


Q: In servo mode, can the motor response standard frame?

A: In servo mode, the motor can only response extended frame, 29byte.


Q: What is the difference between MIT mode and SERVO mode?

A: MIT Mode is the short name for the open source control program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Robotics Laboratory,which is widely used in quadruped dog applications, it is easy to operate and supports single-loop (torque/speed/position) control.

    Servo mode is another motor control mode based on VESC. Servo mode can have more accurate control of motor torque and position compared to MIT mode, so it is more used in applications such as exoskeleton and supports dual-loop control.

Q: If the parameter change to 0, what can we do?

A: We need to use R-LINK to connect with motor and upper computer, in MIT mode, click DEBUG button, then enter setup command, set all the parameters to default as follow pic. 

Warm prompt

Warm prompt

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