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Privacy Policy, doing business as CubeMars (“us,” “we,” “Company,” ) is committed to protecting the privacy rights of our customers, visitors, and other users of the Company Website at and the services provided through the Website. The Privacy Policy is provided to explain our online information practices and the choices you can make about the manner information is collected and used at our Website. The Privacy Policy is only applicable to the Website, and not to any other websites that are accessible from the Website, each of which may have practices and policies that differ from this Privacy Policy. We suggest you read the privacy policies on all such third party websites to understand the full rights and protection of your online activities.

We reserve the right to make changes to our Website, policies, and these Terms and Conditions at any time, so please periodically check back for updates.

If you have a question/concern regarding this Privacy Policy or believe that this Privacy Policy has been violated, please e-mail us at or write to the CubeMars headquarters at the following address:

ATTN: Privacy Policy Review

24F, Bd.B, Twintowers, No. 3399 Ziyang Ave., Nanchang, Jiangxi, P.R. China. 330096






NON-PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED. We automatically track and collect certain information based on Website navigation in several ways, including (not limited to) information such as the redirection website’s Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”) to our Website, IP addresses, domain servers, country of origin, and the type of computer and web browser used to access the Website (“Traffic Data”). Traffic Data is anonymous information that is used for marketing purposes and/or to improve the Website experience for our end users and customers.


PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED. Information that personally identifies you (“Personal Information”) is used to fill orders, contact purchasers in response to their order status, submit promotional information, and enhance the operation of the Website and systems to improve the overall customer experience. Personal Information includes, but is not limited to, your name, mailing address, billing address, e-mail address and contact information, financial data (such as your account and/or credit card number), and other manners of communication (such as alternate social media-resources, i.e. Facebook).

We will not use your information in a manner different than the purpose for which it is collected, without obtaining your consent prior to such use. Although we take appropriate measures to safeguard against unauthorized disclosures of information, we cannot assure that the collected information will never be disclosed in a manner inconsistent with their Privacy Policy out of our control (such as third-party misrepresentation or data access). YOU HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT CubeMars  IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SUCH INADVERTENT DISCLOSURES OR ANY INTERCEPTED INFORMATION SENT VIA THE INTERNET, AND YOU HEREBY RELEASE US FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THE USE OF INTERCEPTED INFORMATION IN ANY UNAUTHORIZED MANNER.


PUBLIC POSTINGS. We store and can publically display information that is posted to the Website or social-media resources (public displays) for use in marketing and Website listings (such as product reviews and online videos)


POLICY ENFORCEMENT. We authorize the use of information collected, in connection with your use of the Website and/or Services, in order to investigate and enforce our Privacy Policy.




COMPANY USE OF INFORMATION. Personal and non-personal information is used to send information about our company and/or our products and services. Promotional material from some of our partners, manufacturers, and/or other affiliates may also be included.


SHARED INFORMATION. Certain categories of information collected are shared in accordance to the Privacy Policy. Those business partners have all agreed to uphold the same standards of security and confidentiality as promised to you in this Privacy Policy, specific to carrying out the business obligations to This includes, but not limited to, credit card information (order processing), e-mail marketing services, and electronic communication methods (such as e-mails for warranty claims and general contact).


CONFIDENTIALITY AND SECURITY OF INFORMATION. Shared Information is stored on secure servers that are not accessible by third parties, except information as discussed under “Shared Information” above. Information can be updated at any time through the Account Manager and Online Ordering process, and we encourage our customers to updates the information as needed to maintain current records. Since information is attached to historical orders and past purchases, all Shared Information cannot be permanently removed from our secured-databases and as such, under the request of such removal by written request.

In addition, if a third-party’s e-mail address is provided as an invitation method to create an account on the Website, you are providing representation that you have properly obtained consent for the disclosure of such Shared Information. All invitees are provided with the option to unsubscribe from future invitations if desired.


LOST OR STOLEN INFORMATION. Credit card transactions and order fulfillment are handled by an established third-party banking and processing agent institution. In this regard, the information needed to verify and authorize credit-card and payment transactions is processed through their secured servers and is protected from unauthorized access.


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