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What is the difference between MIT mode and SERVO mode?

    MIT Mode is the short name for the open source control program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Robotics Laboratory,which is widely used in quadruped dog applications, it is easy to operate and supports single-loop (torque/speed/position) control.

    Servo mode can have more accurate control of motor torque and position compared to MIT mode, so it is more used in applications such as exoskeleton and supports dual-loop control.


 Causes and solutions for failure of drive to operate normally




The drive panel indicate power supply  light off

1. Power supply system, such as the voltage is too high or too low
2. The CAN port is damaged resulting in a short circuit to the drive and power supply
3. Positive and negative poles are connected inversely
4. The impulse is too large and the drive plate is damaged during use

1. Check whether the voltage is meet appropriate voltage of the motor
2. Check whether the CAN communication can correspondingly match to the drive board
3. Change the positive and negative poles, and check whether the drive Can be lit normally
4. Return to the factory for maintenance

UART is not available

1. Drive unpowered

2. Tx rx plug in reverse
3. Porter rate set incorrectly
4. USB to ttl module failure

1. Drive powered

2. Reverse the tx rx
3. Set the port rate to 921600
4. Replace the module

CAN port cannot   communicate

1. CAN port is loosed

2. The order of CAN cable set in error( plug in by 'H L')

3. Cables too long or 120 Ω terminal resistance missed

4. The Porter rate set incorrectly

5. CAN port damaged

1. Fixed the connector

2. Reverse the cable

3. Use shielded lines, and add the terminal resistance

4. Set the Baud rate to 1M

5. Infinite and infinite resistance of CAN port means that CAN port has been damaged and needs to be returned to the factory for repair

Module   uncontrolled

1. CAN ID incorrect

2. Motor mode instruction not received
3. Driver damaged

1. Set the same ID as message shown.See our manual instruction Page 47

2. See our page 47 and enable right code
3. Contact the manufacturer for maintenance

Module doesnt work after enable instructions

1. The two of three parameters have no value in MIT mode

2. The corresponding proportion is not calculated correctly

3. The value given is too low for the motor to launch
4. Driver damaged

1. Assign single-loop a value and give  multiple loop both 0(mandatory)

2. The proportion is calculated according to the linear
3. Adjust   the value of the control appropriately
4. Contact   the manufacturer for maintenance

Customer pc-end and drive connection failure

1. Sample code error.

2. Pc CAN port uncompetible

3. There's electromagnetic interference

4. The quality of power is not high


1. See our manual instruction page 48-50

2. Check if the pc CAN port meets the requirements of drive board

3. Power cable and signal cable should go separate

4. Use better quality of power


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