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Technical Support and Download

AK Series

Please scan the QR code or click the picture to access the latest firmware and parameters download on the CubeMars Discord server (Updated on February 20, 2024).


1) AK Series Actuator Manual

AK Series Driver and Control Manual v1.0.14.pdf


2) CubeMars upper computer Download

3) CH340 Driver Download

4) the CAN and UART DEMO for AK Series

5) CubeMars Product Catalog Download

CubeMars product catalog.pdf

6) CubeMars Logo

CubeMars logo in different format.rar

7) AK Series Motor operation Video

1.Motor, Debugging Tool And Upper Computer Introduction And Connection. 

2.MIT mode control!
Drive your motor like a car.

3.Detailed Introduction of The Upper Computer!   

4.Servo Mode Control Demonstration   

5.Facing a motor problem? Let's restore it!   

6.RI Series Motor Installation Tutorial   

7.RO Series Motor Installation Tutorial   

8) If motor failed entering MIT mode after power on, Please download the video reference

9) If motor failed entering both modes, pls download  the video reference  and re-flash in the firmware

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