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New Arrival - Frameless Outrunner Motor - RO Series

CubeMars / 2023-12-20 16:25:59

CubeMars will soon launch a new RO series external frameless motor, leading the wave of innovation in robotics!

With the advent of the digital age, robotics is driving the booming global industry at an unprecedented rate. As a pioneer in the field of robot power systems, CubeMars leads the trend with the launch of the RO series of external rotating frameless motors, bringing unprecedented innovative experiences to the fields of wearables, collaborative robotic arms, medical devices and aerospace.

The RO series products have been carefully upgraded on the basis of the R series, aiming to better solve the problem of robot joint design. Not only fully solve the pain points of the narrow installation space inside the joint, but also ensure the torque improvement requirements. The RO60, RO80 and RO100 correspond to the R60, R80 and R100 of the R series, respectively, and demonstrate CubeMars' superior strength in technological innovation while providing customers with more choices.

Each product includes the RO series external frameless motor body, front cover, magnetic ring, as well as flux pins and M2.5, M3 screws for securing the front cover. The rotor is made of aluminum housing, which not only provides greater impact resistance and corrosion resistance, but also offers a variety of appearance possibilities. In order to ensure excellent performance, the RO series of magnetic rings uses high-quality magnets.

If you are interested in RO series products, you can leave a message for consultation!

RO Series Frameless Outrunner Torque Motor

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