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Designed for heavy-load-legged robots: R100 (Max torque 11Nm)

CubeMars / 2023-08-21 11:26:50

R series outrunning torque motor R100 has a built-in Hall sensor, and the electrical angle is 120±20°C. The special heat dissipation design of R100 adopts ultra-thin base and high thermal conductivity silicone pad, which not only reduces the overall installation height, but also realizes the heat dissipation function of the body, and the operation is worry-free.

In terms of gearbox installation, we reserve mounting holes on bell specially, and customers can directly match the harmonic gearbox and flange or other types of gearbox to meet higher torque.

The R100 adopts the connector design repalced the traditional wires, optimizes the installation, is easy and convenient, and simplifies the complexity.

External rotation torque motor R100 has low cogging torque combine with low rotor inertia. No matter walking, bouncing, running, or various postures, it must run smoothly!

R100 is born strong and full of power. It is designed for heavy-load legged robots, with higher torque (2.3-11Nm) and more stability.

Product Drawing-R100


Analytical Graph of Motor Operation-R100

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