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RI80 Frameless motor with high torque density

CubeMars / 2023-08-16 14:40:15

RI80 Frameless motor with high torque density, low noise operation, strong power!

RI80 Frameless motor with high torque density ,0.5mm clearance on the edge of stator for better intallation, Excellent copper fill factor to meet high torque density and dynamics.Hand winding for delicate performance.

In addition, RI80 adopts curved permanent magnets, and BEMF Sinus motor design for easy control. RI80 rotor heightened version, the overall height of the rotor is increased by 3mm, which is convenient for the rotor and Hall sensor when the customer installs the Hall sensor.

The working environment temperature of RI80 is -40°C~85°C, and it can be flexibly adapted to various structural designs. It is often used in exoskeletons and collaborative robotic arms.

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