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Made for Exoskeletons: AK60-6 Robotic Motors

CubeMars / 2023-08-15 15:34:43

CubeMars robot motor AK60-6, small in size, easy to control, adopts highly integrated with encoder and drive, and is specially made for exoskeleton.


AK60-6 highly integrated dynamic module, combining surging power into one, the module weighs only 368g, and is as thin as 39.5mm, highly integrate, ultra light design, combine with efficiency and dynamic.


The reduction box for AK60-6 product motor adopts a planetary gear with a reduction ratio of 6:1, and the backlash: 12arcmin (0.2°), which allows the product to run with low noise operation strong power, and precise control. High precision control with 0.1°, and the deceleration scheme can be customized according to your needs.


The front of the AK60-6 motor uses a highly integrated driver, 24V power supply, MIT open source software, and the back uses a single loop absolute encoder 14BIT, plug and play, high integrated, high accuracy, connector design replaced traditional wires,optimize installation.


The main application fields of AK60-6 robot motors: legged robot, exoskeleton robots, cobot arm, welcome to order and consult.

Product drawing-AK60-6


Analytical Graph of Motor Operation-AK60-6

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