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Which motors are used for walking robots

CubeMars / 2023-09-06 16:03:16

Walking robots typically use a combination of different types of motors to achieve locomotion. The specific motors used can vary depending on the design and requirements of the robot. Here are some commonly used motors for walking robots:

DC Motors: DC motors are commonly used in walking robots for driving the legs or joints. They provide high torque and can be controlled for precise movements. DC motors can be used with encoders or position sensors to accurately control the position and speed of the legs.

Servo Motors: Servo motors are widely used in walking robots for controlling the movement of individual joints. They are compact, easy to control, and provide precise angular positioning. Servo motors are commonly used in humanoid robots or robots with articulated legs.

Stepper Motors: Stepper motors are used in walking robots that require precise control over leg movements. They provide accurate positioning and can hold their position without the need for additional holding torque. Stepper motors are commonly used in robots that require precise stepping or crawling motions.

Linear Actuators: Linear actuators are used in walking robots to provide linear motion for extending or retracting legs. They are typically used in combination with other motors to achieve walking or crawling motions. Linear actuators can be electrically or hydraulically powered.

Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuators: In some cases, walking robots may use pneumatic or hydraulic actuators for leg movements. These actuators provide high force and can be used in robots that require heavy lifting or walking on uneven terrains. Pneumatic or hydraulic actuators are commonly used in larger or industrial walking robots.

It's important to note that the choice of robot motors depends on factors such as the size and weight of the robot, desired speed and agility, power requirements, and the specific tasks the robot needs to perform.

Below are some products suitable for robot motor series for reference:

Robot Motor----AK Series Dynamical Modular

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