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1, how to check the status of the order

1) Go to "My Orders" in the User Center to check the status.

2) Contact customer service for inquiries:0791-88556889-8004.

3) Mail: 

4) Online chat: Chat window at the bottom right corner of the mall page.


2, how to modify the order

After the order is submitted (before shipping), you need to provide valid proof (CubeMars account number, order number, product information, recipient information and proof of payment, etc.) to prove that you are the purchaser himself, customer service can correct the relevant information for you.


3, How to cancel the order

1) If your order has not been paid for or shipped, you can cancel it by logging into your CubeMars account and going to the "My Orders" page.

2) If your order has been shipped and the order cannot be cancelled, please contact customer service to request a return.

Tel: 0791-88556889-8070


Online Chat: Chat window at the bottom right corner of the mall page.

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